Bluepill - MAX44009 (GY-49 on Ali) lux sensor

Does anyone have a working sample of i2c with the lux sensor MAX44009? I'm trying with the one here for arduino

and till now not getting anywhere. A few questions as well

  1. Blue pill pinout there are two SDA1, SCL1. I'm using PB8 and PB9 - I suppose it shouldn't matter which two I use. I've replaced the call as Wire.Begin()
  2. Lib above has default address for the slave as 0xCB whereas data sheet mentions only 0x9x range.. and diff addresses for reading/writing. what am I missing? I've replaced the ctor call with Max44009 myLux(0x95);but that does not help either:(
  3. Thirdly, sketch seems to crash badly on the ctor call - looks like I'm in the bootloader. I thought my bluepill was a goner but blink works - so definitely something with the sketch.

Any pointers appreciated.


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