HID bootloader on Maple Mini

Anybody here had used hid bootloader on maple mini? How are the steps?


  • I've already uploaded the bootloader but how to use the USB Serial with hid bootloader?

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    I don't believe this bootloader has SerialCom, can you make simple Blink work with it?

    I as well am looking for USB Serial with Hid bootloader, but it seems there is none at this point, I even can pay for one if someone willing to put time coding it cos my skills are not there yet.

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    the simple Blink is working & of course still can't do serial com with hid bootloader, now the problem is after first upload a skecth, my computer didn't recognize the HID bootloader anymore until I flashed the hid bootloader again

  • after try my other maple mini board, it seems like a bug from STM32arduinocore, because it also happens after I upload a sketch using maple mini bootloader 2.0

  • It's not a bug, simply when your program runs it doesn't have HID inside, that's why you computer doe's not recognize it. Put BOOT1 to 1, restart and even if your computer does not recognize the board it will upload to it. Bootloader has no effect when main program gets run, so it's normal what you are getting. And as I said, this bootloader seems not to have serial emulation build in. Even if it would – again, bootloader does not have any effect when main program runs, so you have to set up serial port in your main code.

    I have no luck even uploading successfully, so you are way ahead...

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