STM32 Blue Pill boot0 junper not work

Hello everyone !

I bought 8 STM32 cards BluePill.

I use Roger Clark Melbourne's STM32duino support

I can not program them with the FTDI module.

The problem is on Jumper BOOT 0.

When I put the Jumper BOOT 0 from 0 to 1 and press the reset button the program continues to work!

the LED connected to pin PC13 always flashes even if BOOT 0 is set to 1.

I tried to program the card with the ST LINK module and it works for me.

I had to add the RST thread because BOOT 0 is not going.

I noticed that programming the card with this method presents many problems on the Arduino IDE environment.

There are many functions that are programmed via FTDI that work fine and programmed with ST LINK do not work.

So it is possible to operate the BOOT 0?

I realized that it is not a hardware setting but a software one.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

I really need it :(

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