STM32 Franken Blue Pill

edited October 2019 in STM32F3 Boards

I was just a lurker in the previous stm32duino forum and it was the reason($10 oscilloscope project by andy and co. specifically) i ordered my first 2 blue pill board from aliexpress. since then i have been flashing my 2 arduino uno and blue pill side by side and boy was that quite addictive. I'm more of a hardware guy mostly so another project came to my attention, the franken blue pill by arpruss. so i ordered away and fired up the hot air rework station. i got it to work first using st link upload using the official core, and tonight i got the dfu-util upload to work. i had to edit the boards.txt and platform.txt to reflect the location of the upload utilities in my lappy (using archlinux btw). and here is the result.

When was retired, i thought for sure that my blue pill was doomed. I just want to thank the guys keeping this community alive since i'm not quite a fan of the official stm32 forums; I like the hacky way of doing things first. Thank you again. Btw, the franken blue pill should be able to run the pig-o-scope source right? I haven't tested it out yet but i will soon. ^_^

Update: It seems the $10 pig-o-scope doesnt like to compile with the official core since some libraries are still reliant on some of the libmaple libraries. :(

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