Reset issue of STM32 HID Bootloader 2.2.2

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when BOOT1 is 1 after uploading the code IDE fails to RESET the IC, and it seems that code that gets uploaded is not working after setting BOOT1 to 0 and resetting.

I'm using Roger Clark/ST core and

I uploaded bootloader with STMFlashLoader. What I'm missing?

P.S. compared to old UI design of the forum this one is total crap....


  • If you have HID bootloader running in your chip I think you don't need to place BOOT 1 to LOW state (0).

    Your sketch will run after manual reset on your board.

    Commonly, I just set BOOT 1 to LOW and BOOT 0 to HIGH when I want to upload a new bootloader or using Serial FTDI232 Adapter directly to upload.

    Did you use maple mini?

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