New boards for STM32G030xx in Arduino Nano formfactor

edited December 2019 in All other boards

I created circuits and boards for the new STM32G030xx series of microcontrollers in Arduino Nano format. The boards have a micro-USB connector and a USB-UART bridge on the CP2103 chip, through which the microcontroller can be programmed via USB. This IC has 4 GPIO pins, which I connected to the SWD signals, which allows not only programming the microcontroller using this interface, but also performing step-by-step debugging of the program at the hardware level. To do this, it is need to add the CP2103 driver and add debug mode to the Arduino IDE. Using the CP2103 chip in such manner will allow you to abandon the use of STLINK debuggers and the similar. Schematic diagram is in addon.

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