SPI problem with linear products

Hello everyone.

We are developing a BMS system for FSAE E.V. project.

We have done all with arduino ide using the LINDUINO board and ADC from Linear.

The next step is use the NUCLEO F446RE model as the main master for our system using the same arduino code.

The problem is that seems that the board doesn't read any voltage from the ADC.

I tryed to modify the clock prescaler because of the high clock set for SPI communication (1MHz) and was added a logical amplifyer because of the 5v communication need for the adc, but nothing.

The microcontroller communicate with another board in SPI that turns the SPI protocol in ISO-SPI.

The next idea was that the problem could be in the architecture of nucleo board (32 bit) but i don't think so because the communication nucleo-arduino works very well.

Shure of a reply, i will thank everyone that could help me.

Have a good day

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