STM32F103VCT6 FX2N PLC boards.

Generic boards that are not Maple or Maple mini clones, and don't contain the additional USB reset hardware
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STM32F103VCT6 FX2N PLC boards.

Post by paulvdh » Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:10 am

On Ali / Ebay / China you can buy a lot of variants off "FX2N" (compatible) boards.
"FX2N" is a line of PLC's from Mitsubishi, and these boards seem to live up to the robustness of industrial PLC's.

There are ten's of different versions of these boards with different number of I/O and different connectors.
Some have the pluggable type (which I like very much) some can only screw wires directly to the PCB.
Some have relay outputs, others have transistor outputs.
Some have a casing, others are just the PCB.
Depending on configuration the price of these boards is somewhere between EUR 28 and EUR50.

For that amount of money you get a lot of stuff on a PCB:
- Power input section with common mode filter, Lot's of CAP's and LM2596 SMPS.
- Opto couplers on the inputs & outputs.
- Led indications on all inputs and outputs.
- RS485 (which seems to be the old fashioned not so robust SN75176 with no extra protection)
- RS232 with level converters.
- STM32F103VBT6 or STM32F103VCT6 or other big chip with loads of pins and internal stuff.

(most of?) these boards are probably pre loaded with some PLC firmware, but who needs archaic ladder logic if you can have C++?
Just solder some 0.2mm "enamelled" wires to the programming pins, glue on a connetor of your choice to route those wires to and you're all set to play with your new toy.

I bought one of these just for fun, but haven't powered it up yet, I have plenty to learn from my Blue Pill's and Maple MIni's before I'm ready to use this beast of a board.
I tried to attach a picture from one of these with a good view of the processor, but this forum won't let me upload a 118kb JPG. ???
But there are plenty of pictures on Ali / Ebay / China / Internet, just search for "FX2N":

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