New YS-63 STM32 "black pill" pin-compatible with 8051

Generic boards that are not Maple or Maple mini clones, and don't contain the additional USB reset hardware
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New YS-63 STM32 "black pill" pin-compatible with 8051

Post by paulvdh » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:36 pm

Copy & paste job from:
HaywoodJablowme @ ... with-8051/
A friend in China offered to buy some stuff from Taobao. While searching for blue pills, I found this. It doesn't exist on AliExpress or eBay, but can be found on Taobao, Alibaba, and some other Chinese ecommerce sites.

The pinout is completely different from any other "pill" board. It touts pin-compatibility with the 8051, and indeed does have power and other pins in the same locations (and I/O pins mostly in a similar order).

The selling point is, it can be plugged into devboards designed for the 8051, thus getting more life out of them. I guess the 8051 and associated equipment is more popular in China.

Here are some photos taken from the listings, plus the 8051 pinout from Wikimedia for comparison:

Some listings call it the YS-63. Other than this, there seems to be zero information about it anywhere.
I would document this on the stm32duino wiki, but account creation is disabled on that site.
[ Consider it done :) ]

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Re: New YS-63 STM32 "black pill" pin-compatible with 8051

Post by aroldorosenberg » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:56 pm

Interesting concept. One could also be made for 40 pin PIC's.

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