[SOLVED] Custom Board Issues with STM32Generic Bootloader

If you made your own board, post here, unless you built a Maple or Maple mini clone etc
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Re: [SOLVED] Custom Board Issues with STM32Generic Bootloader

Post by primateio » Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:24 pm

madias wrote:Ok, you built the minimalist mini :)
As I see on your photos, you use very much solder on the smd parts. Have you ever tried something like this? ---> http://www.aliexpress.com/item/HK-MECHA ... 59211.html
Since I use this for smd I wont miss it anymore! Just a little(!) paste on each contact on the blank pcb, place the component, solder it, ready! Even a 64-pin STM32 is soldered within one minute.
I use paste a lot on small batches. I have only used it with a laser stencil and my little reflow oven. I have never even thought about dabbing paste on the pads, placing the part, and then using a soldering iron. I don't know why it has never crossed my mind. I will try that on my next board. I am working on a design right now with the RET6 with a TFT screen and sd card reader. Ill try it on there when I build the first prototype.

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Re: [SOLVED] Custom Board Issues with STM32Generic Bootloader

Post by ahull » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:03 pm

I can verify that "MECHANIC XG-50 Solder paste" aka MCN-300 solder paste works like a charm. Even a duffer like me can solder very small things with it. The trick is to use a fairly tiny amount, experiment and you will soon find you are able to judge this. Also get the lead/tin stuff, unless you absolutely must use lead free, as it is so much better (avoid the fumes and don't lick your fingers and you will be fine).

A good magnifier, "Mechanic" solder paste and a very fine tip on your iron (or a hot air pencil), and anybody can be a soldering ninja :D
- Andy Hull -

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Re: [SOLVED] Custom Board Issues with STM32Generic Bootloader

Post by mrburnette » Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:47 pm

primateio wrote: <...>
However, the main reason I built it is because I am going to be building more advanced boards with built in tft screens, wifi, sd cards, 3g modems, and the like, and I wanted to make sure my more minimal design worked, that my components I chose worked, that I could get the bootloader to work on this minimum usb hardware, and to gain a general understanding of the components and bootloader.

Ah, understood.


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